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Silly-string coral! We buy the little cans online in bulk and charge a few dollars a can. Rope off a section of the field and let the kids go wild. It's one of our most popular carnival games.

We have an old fashioned pie-eating contest - small pies for kids, big pies for parents. It's a huge draw, just provide lots of paper towels.

We have a pumpkin decorating table for the little ones. They pick a mini pumpkin from our 'patch' and get to draw faces using colored sharpies.

kids love the straw bale maze

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I found a lot of great information on www.carnivaltoys.com They have carnival game ideas and great prizes!

This is our first carnival at our school, and what I want to know is there anymore fun ideas out there.We are trying to get the community involved and also let the children have fun.We do not have alot of funds at this time but we know we can have things together by the fall.

What about a witch idea? Like musical brooms! The idea of musical is basically like musical chairs, except you use brooms. The winner at the end of the game gets a prize. Please try it, it is very fun! :)

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