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We hired a Drum Circle leader - he was amazing and brought enough instruments for about 50 at a time to play. The grads loved it and it was really cool to hear the beat throughout the party.

Great article- Hollywoodmegastore.com has some good props for graduation party planning.

We always have a hypnotist at the end and fourtune tellers and a haunted house, the kids love them! We've also started doing a "kindergarten room" with a sandbox, legos, etc. it's a big hit. This year we're going to try doing a interactive game, Jepordy or Deal or No Deal.

Hi. I am looking for a template to use as the Project Graduation Program to hand out to students the night of Project Graduation. It will have the schedule of events. What else is needed?

Hi Patti -

Do you have a parent that can print a program? Or are you looking to have grads signup online to choose their activities? Here's our video tour about how to create your online sign up sheet: http://www.volunteerspot.com/video/ (the 2nd one). Have fun and HAPPY GRADUATION!!

We had a survivor night on an island. We had a barge all decked out like a sandy beach with fire pits to take them to the unknown destination. There were fund survival games for them, campfires, and a pig roast. Everyone had fun including the chaperones.

Try The Fields in East Brunswick. This place is huge and their will to bring in just about any type of entertainment.

We are needing help in planning our 2012 Project Graduation. Does anyone know where I can find a manual/or how to book on doing this?

Hi Debbie - Don't know of a specific manual - but there are some great ideas listed here and on last year's post. Perhaps contact a booster club at another high school in town for ideas. Happy Graduation!

Here is a PDF of a Project Graduation How to Manual I found on the Maine State page.


Thanks for sharing, Jodi!

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