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Thank you for the great game plan - I have worked on many auctions and this is great advice. After I read this I shared it with the committee for a fundraiser at the middle school - Thanks!

Great advice! I love school auction fund raisers when they're done properly and your expert tips provide the guidance so many need. Thanks!

Great post. Thanks. Another good way to earn money for schools is through the company Interschola. Check it out - they auction surplus school supplies and return much of the money back to the school. www.interschola.com

Great advice! I find that when I can pair an auction with another event, my auction is even more successful. My local high school does a "Spring Dinner" event each year and is well attended. A couple of years ago, we added an auction and raised several thousand extra dollars! We were pleased and so were our attendees.


Wonderful advice, thank you so much!

What terrific tips! So many of my clients have auctions and they struggle with roadblocks and breakdowns. Your advice is excellent!

This is great advice! Armed with these tips, the awesome volunteers who are planning school auctions are sure to find success! The spreadsheet is an especially good idea. If you update it regularly, it can really streamline your planning process (and make everything much less stressful).

This is some great advice. Never thought of doing an auction for a school fundraiser.

Great post. School auctions have been around and successful for generations. Keep it up. You and your team rock.

Excellent practical advise. I will forward this information on.

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